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BAFX Products – 2 Pack – Anti Shock Hiking / Walking / Trekking Trail Poles Review

BAFX Trekking Poles - Buy One Today

BAFX Trekking Poles - Buy One Today

BAFX Products Anti-Shock Trekking Poles are great for hiking in almost any terrain including, grassland, rocks, mountain trails and snow. This 2-pack design provides two poles so I could use one while my hiking partner (either my wife or a friend) makes use of the second one.

I was planning to go on a rather long and difficult hike, and I needed tough, durable and comfortable hiking poles. So I did extensive research on hiking poles, and this set of poles caught my attention – the BAFX Products Anti-Shock Hiking Trail Poles. It is sold at a great price with special features and benefits. It made a big difference while hiking on rugged terrain and I decided to share what I discovered during my research with you in this review.

Adjustable Length and Twist Lock

Each pole has an adjustable length ranging from about 26 to 53 inches. While traveling, the pole fits perfectly into my luggage because it can be compressed to about 2 feet. When it is time for hiking, it stretches out to provide the support and balance I need. Then I use the twist lock to keep it at the desired height. The poles come with a very nice pocket guide and an instructional video that shows you how to use them for hiking on different types of trails.

Excellent Grip and Wrist Strap

The grip of the hiking poles is quite comfortable; I didn't even feel any pain after hiking in the woods for several hours. Its ergonomic grip helped me to maintain balance while coming downhill, wading through streams, and climbing uphill. Also, the wrist strap is well padded, and it provided additional comfort while I was on my hike. The 16-inch loop was also very easy to adjust.

Anti-Shock Spring

One of the major reasons why I chose this BAFX product hiking pole was the anti-shock design. You may not appreciate the impact of this feature if you spend very little time hiking on a trail. But because I had to hike for a whole day, moving through various types of terrain including some rocky paths, I decided to buy a hiking pole with an anti-shock design.

The anti-shock mechanism reduces the force that is transferred to your arms when the pole hits the ground. While the standard pole simply uses rubber tips to reduce impact, the anti-shock feature on this pole reduces the jolting effect on my elbows and wrists when I use them on rocky terrain.

bafx - trekking poles - pole

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  • Each pole has an adjustable length that can extend from 26.5 to 53 inches.
  • Multiple tips are included in the package. Two rubber tips and one mud disk are included. The rubber tips are perfect for the rocky ground while the mud disks prevent sinking while hiking on soft surfaces like snow and mud.
  • Anti-shock spring mechanism absorbs shock and reduces the effect of impact on rock, stones or hard ground.
  • The pole weighs just 12 ounces but it is made of durable aluminum material.

Customers Reviews

BAFX Products Anti-shock Hiking Pole provides great support and helps to maintain balance while trekking, walking or hiking on any terrain. More than 1,850 customer reviews were available at the time of writing this review and over 60% of the reviewers gave a 5-star rating on In general, the customer reviews were positive, but there was one issue raised: one customer wrote, “It broke while I was using it for the first time”.

However, no other person seems to have the same kind of experience. It means that this particular customer may have received a product that was damaged during shipping or he did not read and followed the user instructions carefully. Other users said, “Love them!”, “Very nice hiking poles”.

That is why I will equally recommend BAFX Products Anti-shock Hiking Poles to you.


In summary, BAFX Anti-shock trekking and hiking trail pole will provide great support while you go on your next hiking trip. The pole provides very good grip, and it is durable, lightweight, and adjustable. Its anti-shock mechanism makes it suitable for virtually all kinds of hard or rocky terrain. The majority of the buyers of this pole are satisfied with its performance.

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Harvey Garcia

I am a lover of the great outdoors and nature. I have finished climbing the Trailwrights 72, and have done two coast-to-coast backpacking trips across the Scottish Highlands, in the 2016 and 2017 TGO Challenges.

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