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Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon Fiber Quick Lock Trekking Poles Review

Cascade Trekking Poles

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Cascade Mountain Poles are by far the best trekking poles ever made. If you enjoy nature walks and hiking, you will find that they are sturdy, strong and light to carry around later. On a visit to my sister’s place in Colombia, I decided to buy a pair of trekking poles to use on our morning hikes since I left mine at home. I chose these Trekking Poles because they were the cheapest in the store. Little did I know I would fall in love with them and take them back home with me.

Here are the reasons these walking poles won my heart;

Light Weight

They are made of 100% carbon fiber which makes them extremely light and comfortable to use and carry. I was impressed at how easy they were especially when climbing a hill and they put no strain on the arms.

Adjustable poles

The Cascade Mountain trekking poles have a quick lock feature that enables the user to adjust the pole length to their comfortable height. With an adjustable length of between 23 to 53 inches, everyone is catered for no matter how short or tall they may be. The quick lock feature ensures the poles are locked in place for a long time unless there is a need to readjust them.

Durable and Strong

Considering how light and cheap they are, you would think they will fall apart the first day of use. Well, this could not be farther from the truth.These types of exquisitely designed and sleek Poles are extremely strong and durable. They are designed to handle quite a bit of weight and rough terrain. I even used mine to beat up some snake we came across, and I didn’t make a dent on them.

Foam Grip

These trekking poles are made with foam instead of plastic or rubber. While this is costly for the manufacturer, it is great for the user and their soft hands. Foam is comfortable and gentle on your hands. They also have foam extension grips which are awesome to climb hills.

Cascade Trekking Poles

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  • Tungsten carbide tips that make it easy to hike on ice, mud or any other special terrain.
  • Rubber caps for use in general hiking and baskets for snowy environments.
  • Quick lock ability to aid in adjusting the poles to the desired length. This quick lock also ensures the poles will not keep slipping back and forth.
  • G36 cork handle and EVA grip
  • Ability to switch the anti-shock feature on and off
  • Each pole weighs under 8 oz
  • Poles can extend between 23 and 53 inches.

Customers Reviews

​Cascade Mountain Lock Trekking Poles are indeed the best trekking poles ever made, at least at that price. I checked a couple of other customer reviews, and everyone is singing their praises. They are impressed by the light weight and the incredible locking mechanism. One customer said they had bought the poles for their young sons after they experienced how easy they are to use.

The only flaw a customer commented on was that these poles do not collapse to ample compactness. This is true if you need to carry them with a small bag but otherwise, 23inches is not too big a package.

Thanks to their many great features, I'm delighted to recommend these trekking poles to people who need some assistance walking and balancing. They are great for people who have leg injuries or have arthritis because they are light and effective.

From a person who has used several other brands, these Poles are by far the second best. The first best, of course, costs almost ten times this price, and it’s from Black Diamond.


It is simply incredible that such a magnificent pair of trekking poles is available at Amazon. Amazon is a great place to order the poles and shipping are done very fast, usually in two or three days. A 100% money back guarantee is offered for unsatisfied customers, and a fabulous customer service team is always ready to help and answer questions. Visit their shopping cart today and order one for yourself; they are totally worth more than they cost for every user across the board. Always make sure to buy from the right seller and ensure what you get a hold of is authentic, tastefully designed and durable.

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