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Best Camping Blankets

A camping blanket or pocket blanket is an essential item to have if you’re someone who likes to travel frequently. Regardless of where your destination is, this portable piece of equipment has the capability to give you additional comfort and protection when needed. The best feature of this product is perhaps the fact that it is highly portable and is not occupy too much space inside of a backpack.

As a result, you can take it virtually anywhere without worrying about getting weighed down. If you are planning to purchase a camping blanket to take out on the extended traveling sessions, choosing the right product is more crucial now than ever. You surely don’t want to experience any unfortunate incidents that may shake your belief in this original piece of equipment.

However, as useful as this item may be to a regular traveler, buying it from the market is not easy. In this guide, we’ll teach you all you need to know about pocket blankets, how to choose the right product online, along with with recommendation of the top products. If you need other hiking gear such as the best trekking poles, best camping hammock, best dry bags or the best hiking gear, please let me know!

My #1 Pick Quick Review

Montem Premium Pocket Blanket

The Montem Premium Pocket Blanket is the perfect outdoor blanket for hiking and camping trips. If you’re an adventurer like me, then you will definitely use it often while outdoors. Montem is perhaps the most renowned name in the field of travel gear and equipment. The Premium Pocket Blanket from Montem also lives up to the brand’s reputation for being a durable quality item that is available at a very cost efficient rate. Also, you get four colors to choose from depending on your style and choice.

Full Montem Premium Pocket Blanket review here


  • Puncture and waterproof resistant
  • Inbuilt corner pockets
  • Available in different colors


  • Would be great if they had a larger version

Buying Considerations

Before you go ahead and decide to buy a camping blanket, knowing how to check off from a list can definitely help. As you know, there are many varieties of blankets available that are made from different brands. Don't forget to check out our best trekking poles, best camping tents, best camping hammocks and best dry bags for more hiking gear! To choose the right one that would suit your needs, take care to look at the following factors:



When it comes to buying traveling gear, the quality of the item takes precedence over everything else. This is also true in the case of camping blankets because its quality would determine how effective it is in shielding against water, dirt, debris and its general level of comfort. Since you’re also likely to use this item as a pullover blanket in certain situations, making sure it is light and can provide warmth is also necessary. 

The best products you can buy in the market are of high quality, made of genuine fabric that can shield you from dust, sand, and water. Many of these pocket blankets also come with quick drying facility to allow travelers the liberty to wash them when necessary and pack it up as soon as possible to put inside of their camping bags. If you are looking for a product that would last you many years, then do not cheap out on quality in any way.



A good pocket blanket weighs light – a great pocket blanket weighs light and has excellent portability to adapt to different situations. So, if you want to buy a great product, look for one that is compact and offers fantastic portability that can suit all types of adventure situations. Since these are multipurpose items, flexibility is a must for more reasons than one as this factor is crucial especially when you’re out in the wilderness.

When buying a camping blanket, check for its extended and folded length to judge how compact it is. Since you’d need to back this item inside of your backpack, the lesser space it consumes, the better it is for all your needs. Don’t just pick one that comes with a seal of portability, read customer reviews to get a better idea and then only decide to purchase.



Are you a solo traveler or a family man who likes to escape for the weekend in the family RV? Unless you’ve got your requirements straight, choosing the right product can prove to be a complicated affair because you wouldn’t be sure what size to choose. You’ve got to choose a blanket that is big enough for either you or your entire family while not being too heavy to carry. Finding one of these types may be hard, but it’s more than worth it.



Companies in the big leagues managed to reach there by putting consistent efforts at improving their products and services. Brand’s manufacturing pocket blankets are no exception because they believe in integrity and offering quality products at reasonable prices. Instead of looking to save a few bucks by choosing a lesser-known name, it’s better to stick to a known brand even if the blanket costs you couple dozen dollars extra.

More Pocket Blanket Reviews

Matador Pocket Blanket

“Put yourself out there” is the quote that reads on the pouch of this Matador Pocket Blanket and rightly so because this is one product you must have two have enjoyable adventure times. The Matador pocket blanket is an ultracompact model that folds out to a size of 63 x 44 inches, which is enough for more than one person. Check out the other features to know more.

Full Matador Pocket Blanket review here​


  • Ultra-compact pocket blanket folds out to large 63" x 44" blanket
  • Puncture resistant to keep you comfortable
  • Weighted corners


  • May be too thin for some
  • Hard to fit back into bag

GREASAHOM Pocket Blanket

This is the largest pocket blanket I have reviewed and a good one due to its high portability factor and excellent fabric. Even though GRESAHOM Pocket Blanket brand is lesser-known, they have certainly made a product worth purchasing because of its value for money and overall great satisfaction. Check out the features in details to know exactly what you get.

Full GresaHom Pocket Blanket review here


  • Four corner loops and four corner pockets
  • Nice quality material
  • Compact, light and portable


  • Not that good with sand

Wild Life Outfitters Kanga Pocket Blanket

Want an adventure inside of your pocket? Look no further because Wild Life Outfitters have brought you a blanket that is more than worth cherishing. With attractive colors and highly affordable prices, you won’t be able to resist buying Wild Life Outfitters Kanga Pocket Blanket even if you don’t need it.

Full Wild Life Outfitters Kanga Pocket Blanket review here


  • Highly portable and compact
  • Water resistant


  • A little bit too small for some
  • very lightweight material


A camping blanket is an invaluable piece of equipment that can make your life much easier in many different aspects. Products of good quality are easy to use and carry and barely put any more weight on the existing load. Once you’re done using it, either as a pullover blanket or as a cover to sit down on the ground, simply wash it with regular detergent to get clean fabric once again.

If you are planning to buy a pocket blanket, just be sure to choose a product that meets quality standards and provides a decent level of waterproofing. Your woodland excursions and long haul flights are about to get much more fun when you have a trusty travel blanket covering your back, or should we say covering you everywhere?