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Best Camping Tents

Camping tents can be defined as the type of tents in which the camper sleeps in an artificial material made temporary hut, which can have be used in different camping and trekking expeditions. This works in those conditions that can arise, in the middle of nowhere and you require a base camp for shelter in the middle of any challenging expeditions.

Their greatest advantage is by providing an interim shelter with minimum space requirements and for during rainy conditions, the availability of a canvas will ensure to channel off the rainwater from the camper. Since the tents can be suspended above the ground, fit into any kind of a surface, the foolproof protection can be ensured in fact. With as many features for the product, let us first read about a trivial portion of history of progression of these tents.

The first indication of camping tents was seen during the late 19th century, on the banks of River Thanes by a British Tailor, Thomas Holding. The practice and the indication of tents were highly lauded for being a convenient means of temporary shelter by the British and the practice was carried to Ireland, where the Irish adopted the means.Following the cult, the International Federation of Camping Clubs established in 1932, was the governing body of camping clubs across the world, and carried out the practice of camping to numerous destinations.

However, as useful as this item may be to a regular traveler or hiker, buying it from the market is not easy. In this guide, we’ll teach you all you need to know about pocket blankets, how to choose the right product online, along with with recommendation of the top products. If you need other hiking gear such as the best trekking poles, best camping hammock, best dry bags or the best hiking gear, please let me know!

My #1 Pick Quick Review

Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent

The Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent is designed to improve your experience when it comes to accommodating a family in one single tent. With a large sleeping base of 63 square feet, which can accommodate more than four persons ideally, this is best suited for those families or group of four members. With high quality ventilation design, this can easily make you and your family feel less claustrophobic, while sleeping.

Full Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent review here


  • Great price compared to other similar tents
  • Great ventilation for comfortable sleep


  • Could be a little larger for a 4-person tent

Buying Considerations

Before purchasing any tents, or for that matter, any specific things, we need to take care of certain points in particular, which might help us to differentiate the quality of different products of dissimilar qualities. Don't forget to check out our best trekking poles, best camping hammock and best dry bags for more hiking gear! To choose the right camping tents that suits your needs, take care to look at the following factors:



Commonly, camping tents come in a wide price range. Though the quality is better as the price goes up, there are certain constraints and extra features available in different tents for different price, which a buyer needs to pay attention and look out before purchasing them. These tents generally lasts longer than one can expect, thus the endurance is assured in one way.



This is perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind before purchasing a camping tent. The wide range of camping tents also complies with the different sizes available. If you are a person who measures a certain height, you cannot fit into a tent with a diameter smaller than your height. It would be impossible to sleep! So naturally, you need to be sure before buying to buy things, which will fit to your convenience. There are tents available in large sizes, which can easily fit your family of 4 inside one single shade, without any sort of hassle.



Durability is yet another point to remember. You shall not find things particularly that pleasant, if your tent snaps down, leading you to be injured in the middle of the night. Thus, while purchasing tents ensure that these tents are made with efficient and withstanding materials such as parachute nylon or materials like polyester, which are known for being resistant to different climatic conditions.Thus, buying things from a reputed brand to ensure that the quality is never compromised makes sense, even if the price of the product may be marginally higher than the mediocre quality products.



Companies in the big leagues managed to reach there by putting consistent efforts at improving their products and services. Brand’s manufacturing camping tents are no exception because they believe in integrity and offering quality products at reasonable prices. Instead of looking to save a few bucks by choosing a lesser-known name, it’s better to stick to a known brand even if the camping tents costs you couple dozen dollars extra.



A good camping blanket is not too heavy and has excellent portability to adapt to different situations. So, if you want to buy a great product, look for one that is compact and offers fantastic portability that can suit all types of adventure situations. Since these are multipurpose items, flexibility is a must for more reasons than one as this factor is crucial especially when you’re out in the wilderness.

More Camping Tent Reviews

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent

Coleman has arrived with yet another tent to satisfy your camping requirements with the Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent. This is typically suited for a massive group of around 7-8 members in one single tent. Check out the other features to know more.

Full Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent review here​


  • Easy to set up despite being a large tent
  • The interior of the tent is roomy


  • Main pole support sleeve was poorly sewn
  • Partitions don't fully seal off rooms

Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent

Ozark comes to the market with a camping tent that will suit groups of up to 10 people in one single unit with 3 different rooms to suit your privacy. The size is remarkable and the Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent measures just 27.5" x12" x11.6" inches and weighs only 31.4 pounds when packed.

Full Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Tent review here


  • Fits 3 queen air mattresses with room to spare
  • Six windows and two side doors for increased ventilation and panoramic views


  • No side entrances, only one door

Coleman Hooligan Tent

The Coleman Hooligan Tent is an excellent tent for less-than-ideal spring/summer/fall conditions, but design elements keep me from recommending this tent for all-around use. The positive features actually can be negatives under certain circumstances. It comes in 2-person, 3-person and 4-person sizes.

Full Coleman Hooligan Tent review here


  • The dome design ensures easy installation
  • Coleman's Weather Tec System will keep you dry in wet conditions


  • May be too heavy for those using it to go backpacking


A camping tent is an invaluable piece of equipment that can make your life much easier if you are away camping by yourself or with a large group. Products of good quality are easy to use and carry and barely put any more weight on the existing load. 

If you are planning to buy a camping tent, just be sure to choose a product that meets quality standards and provides a decent level of waterproofing. Your woodland excursions and long haul flights are about to get much more fun when you have a trusted camping tent covering your back, or should we say covering you everywhere?