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Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock Review

The Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock is an excellent super light weight option for camping. It comes in various colors and made of parachute nylon. It has been being provided with lightweight aluminum carabineers and integrating a suspension strap into the stuff sack. This is an ultimate lightweight camping choice for people requiring more space.

The ENO DoubleNest weighs only 20oz and its unfolded dimension is 6' 2" wide, offering ample of space and comfort. It is one of the most popular camping products available in the market.The sleek packing size easily fits in a backpack and the improved width is comfortable for extended trips.

Quick Overview

  • The ENO DoubleNest Hammock is made of breathable nylon taffeta (70D high tenacity nylon) and triple-stitched interlocking system. It is intended to support a maximum capacity of 400 pounds
  • It quite big, enough space for two and spacious for one, it still manages stuff easily into its attached compression stuff sack
  • It consists nautical grade line and aluminum wire gate carabiners that allow quickly and safely secure the hammock to poles, trees, boat masts or even the wall
  • It is durable, versatile, and very compact making the DoubleNest ideal for camping, hiking, boating, back-yarning , traveling or for just relaxing
  • Due to reducing the potential waste by using each and every bit of the fabric available in production, so the color combination might vary from what is pictured


Versatility: A double hammock is always a flexible product. Many times the product is used in camping as lounge activities, such as sitting, reading a book or watching the sunset sitting under a tree. For these uses of this product is great, the capacity of 400 pound makes it great for children to play in as well as for a few friends to pile into.

Comfortable: Longer and wider hammocks are usually more comfortable and the Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock has these features. The high-quality parachute nylon material as already mentioned above makes it great and it fabric feels very comfortable, even against bare skin. The real beauty of this product is the ability for two people to lounge in it, and one person to sleep. Even recognizing the word ‘hammock,’ one’s belief goes to comfort. For a single hiker, it would provide extra room. However, for couples only sitting would be recommended but sitting side by side would still provide comfort for both.

Tree Friendly: The straps provide are highly tree-friendly. Also, it does not create any impact on the ground like a tent does.

Travel Sack: Another important advantage of having an ENO hammock is that it can serve as a camping sack. While camping or hiking, you need to carry heavy bags because you need to keep clothes, foods, and other camp necessities. It doesn’t matter where you go; you can rest effortless knowing that your preferred resting tool has always got your back.

Easy Set Up: Setting this hammock up was effortless. The straps provided for different widths between trees. The packing is also very simple because it has been provided with a pouch which is attached to it to stuff the hammock in.

Value: The price of this item is competitive with other blankets but not the type of value you see with Serac or Bear Butt hammocks. It’s an ideal deal for anyone who is looking for a comfortable, spacious and durable product.


The Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock provides great value that only comes from a durable product that has great flexibility. The size is good, it has the capacity to hold two people, and there is sufficient fabric to cover one person completely.

This product is a popular one that is comfortable for a single camper or two lounging on it. Its low compact size and low weight are best for those looking to backpack in mild climates.​

Whether you’re seeking for a product which is large, more comfortable for yourself or a product designed for two, the use of breathable nylon taffeta material makes this product strong and durable to last for years of pleasant sleep under the sky.

Overall, the product is a popular one that is comfortable for a single camper or two lounging on it. Its low compact size and low weight are best for those looking to backpack in mild climates. The weight of this product is great if compared to other hammocks in the same category. The quality and the durability make this product a good deal to crack.

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