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How To Be Safe On Your Next Hiking Trip

First Aid Kit Hiking

First Aid Kit Hiking

If you are lucky enough to live in the mountains, you have probably gone on several hikes, checking out the many areas of the forest where rivers and streams run through. Some areas have large boulders, waterfalls, and lakes that you can visit, all the while experiencing how nice it feels to be apart from industrial society. It is important to be as safe as possible when you are traveling in the wilderness, especially if you will be on your own. Although it is always better to bring someone with you, if that is not possible, you can bring supplies and equipment with you that will keep you safe in case you get lost.

How To Plan For A Hiking Trip

When you plan for a hiking trip, you need to consider several different things before you go out into the wilderness. You need to bring plenty of food and water with you, a map to show you exactly where you are going, and also how to get back. People often bring a compass just in case they do not know where on the map they happen to be. A knife should always be brought for defensive purposes, and also for use in case you have to build a temporary structure, or if you can fish, and you need to cut up your food. Other items include waterproof matches, flammable materials that can light, and a flashlight in case you are out too late and it gets dark. These are the essentials that you need, but to be safe, you also need the following items.

Bring A Flare

If you are going to be traveling for several miles, and you get lost, one way that people can find you is to bring a flare. People will be able to see it during the day, and especially at night, and this can mean the difference between being found quickly or having to spend many days in the wilderness alone.

First Aid Kit

Another essential item that you always should bring is a first aid kit that you can use. If you are injured, and you have no way of bandaging your arm or leg, or whatever part of your body that has been injured, you could bleed to the point where it could be dangerous for your health. By having this first-aid kit with you, you will at least have the confidence to know that, if you are injured, you can use the Band-Aids and bandages until you can get to a doctor or hospital.

Bright Clothing

Another precautionary item that you should always bring is some raincoat or even a jacket; that is very brightly colored. It is recommended that it is bright yellow which this is easiest to see amidst the endless sea of green in the forests that you will be hiking through. If you do get lost, they can easily see a yellow jacket from quite a ways off, and this can help you get saved.

After you have packed everything for your trip, including your flare, first-aid kit, and your bright jacket, you will be ready to go into virtually any area, even if it is a substantial hike. You will know that you will be able to survive if you get lost and people need to find you. Using these commonsense safety tips, you will be prepared for virtually anything that may occur on the next hike that you go on either by yourself or with family and friends.

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